Marina Trajkovich is a freelance journalist and media professional from Sydney, Australia who has written stories in both digital and print media, ranging from pop culture pieces to fashion, to news features covering social and gender equality issues and worked for world class publications:

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She’s covered things from internet reactions to the Canadian prime ministers butt on Marie Claire online, profiles on Parisian showgirls for the newspaper and pizza farms in Illinois for a custom publishing magazine.

Marina is skilled in video, print and radio and has a background in fashion and photography that gives her a  creative eye and wide understanding across the publishing industries as well as experience in Public Relations.

Her latest project has been a scholarship funded Study Tour in the Philippines as a foreign correspondent in collaboration with SBS, who published her video and feature exploring the growth in popularity of male beauty pageants and why Filipino’s are so obsessed with pageantry.

She has also just completed a month long internship with Al Jazeera’s current affairs and documentary program, 101 East in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she helped the team research and put together stories from the Asia Pacific region, furthering a passion for telling international stories.

With a recent communications degree added to the tool belt of life experience she hopes to travel in 2019, continuing to tell and shoot stories from around the world, exploring the facets of new cultures and incredible people, and creating and editing her own unique publication through this website: one that merges her passion for travel, art, creative collaboration and story telling to improve as a human, improve as a writer and to create something beautiful that connects people around the world.

See her portfolio and published work HERE.