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Love it or hate it, 80s fashion certainly made a statement. With Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Prince came pop culture icons that dared to stand out and helped shape the fashion world as we know it. Hair was big. Shoulders were big. Colours were bright and material girls everywhere rocked neon colours, sports-wear and power suits with the confidence to match their extravagant style choices.

Today, 80s fashion has made its way back into the mainstream in big albeit more subtle ways. With nods to retro styles and prints and sporty designs and streetwear dominating the fashion world, the best of 80s fashion is back in full force.

80s fashion trends we still love today

Women were rocking the workplace in full force in the 80s and the best way to exert power and confidence was with the size of your shoulder pads and the structural angles of your suit.

Women wore monochrome power outfits to assert their positions in previously male dominated work cultures. While the shoulders may be less dramatic now, the classiness of a smart suit pairing and paired look is sexy and strong as ever. 

The Zenosyne orange trench and wide leg pant combo is the ultimate in colour blocking, bold, sophistication and our white bodysuit with shoulder padding is 80s chic.

Captions: Naomi Campell rocking shoulder pads, Julia Roberts rocking a traditionally masculine style, a model where’s a blue suited look with shoulder pads.
Zenosyne’s Orange trench coat and wide leg pants, Zenosyne’s white body suit.

Party Looks 

A fun, hedonistic attitude defined the decade and no party look was complete without colour and some interesting shapes to stand out from the crowd. The on trend 80s man or woman was anything but boring and this was reflected in clothing choices. Madonna was the ultimate style muse, accessories were mandatory and a healthy dose of rebellion was the order of the day for attitude and outfit. Today we see similar trends in off the shoulder shops and bold, daring  shapes in going out and everyday styles.

Sports wear 

No reference to 1980s fashion would be complete without a healthy dose of spandex and sportswear, with Olivia Newton John circa. ‘Lets Get Physical’ and jazzercise hot on everyone’s minds. Leotards were high cut, leggings were tight and neon colours were all the rage. This influx while then reserved for your Jane Fonda, inspired aerobics class may have paved the way for modern sportswear and street style. We definitely see some shapes and bodysuits making a comeback and the influence of these styles. Functionality is in fashion and the modern sportswear is comfort and cool combined. Leggings, bodysuits and fitness chic clothing is no longer just for the gym in a sporty streetwear resurgence.

Olivia Newton John, Jane fonda. Right: Zenosyne’s off the shoulder bodysuit and stretch lycra, slimming leggings.
Zenosyne’s off shoulder blouse, with stretch lycra leggings and neon waistband. Princess Diana was a huge fashion icon in the 80s. Right: Zenosyne’s white sweatshirt.

 Bomber jackets, baggier pants and leather

Bomber jackets and oversized outerwear were all the rage in the 80s and that trend never went out of style. Every item in the 80s was made for making a statement and jackets were no exception. Fashion enthusiasts experimented with leather beyond the classic black and brown, continuing the love of decade-defining colours. Ultra comfortable baggy pants were also given the green light with styles worn very high at the waist.

Top Gun was a classic 80s film. Zenosyne’s unisex leather jacket in yellow and Zenosyne’s unisex jacket and pants combo.
Meg Ryan rocking a leather jacket. Zenosyne’s unisex leather jacket in black.

Jumpsuits and denim

Jumpsuits were a huge hit in the 80s, as was rocking a lot of denim. Bonus points if you were able to combine trends. We love our denim off the shoulder jumpsuit with green leather belt- another hot fashion accessory adoredd by Cyndi Lauper.

Captions: Zenosyne’s off shoulder jumpsuit with leather belt. Drew Barrymore in the 80s. Right: Model wearing red jumpsuit, belt and structured jacket.
A model combining the puffed sleeves, denim and jumpsuit trend. Right: Zenosyne’s white jumpsuit with denim corset.

Zenosyne’s 80s styles

Earlier decades still have a strong influence on today’s fashion world, evolving with the modern, fast paced woman. Here are Zenosyne’s favourite 80s inspired items.


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