An exploration of collage as an artistic digital medium.


These images were created as part of a university project that explored several aspects of digital media and how it is integrated into our culture, societies and world, the consequences of this entwined culture and how it affects us.

I’ve decided to share it as a product of my experience with photo editing and graphic design- the end images symptomatic of my upbringing within the fashion and beauty magazine industry, how it personally affected me and then how the introduction of instagram culture then felt like a bombardment of inescapable imagery that fuelled paranoia of scrutiny, an incessant desire for perfection and toxic comparisons.

From social discussions about the impact of photoshop and the overly retouched, not particularly diverse world of fashion photography and magazines, the new ‘insta-model,’ look and culture may be equally as artificial but parading itself as pseudo reality.

While I can say looking back it is up to the media consumer to control what they expose themselves to and how they utilise social media- either as a way to view art, photography, social movements, people that inspire them etc or to compare and ultimately self destruct- my introduction to this world and constant bombardment of ‘influencers,’ and social media led to an ongoing problem with body dysmorphia and eating disorders. – In recognising your trigger points and in being a balanced human being who looks after his or her mental health I believe it’s really important to be aware of your own digital habits and make conscious efforts to change them if they are not serving you. While I believe for the most part I do not have an ‘instagram,’ problem any more, this collage I created was perhaps a reflection of my own mental state and overwhelm a few years ago where the images I was looking at on a daily basis may have conditioned me in some way and contributed to ideas of toxic perfectionism, self scrutiny and obsession with physical beauty.

These images were just me playing around with Indesign and Photoshop and exploring some symbols that could be representative of being a woman in a digital age and some of the things that I personally experienced. In an artistic sense I love collage as a medium and utilised images from fashion magazines, instagram and online to explore beauty standards through this lens and the idea that we are bombarded by visual media.

The repetition of eyes is meant to signify comparison, perhaps judgement and the idea of being somewhat watched and judged by our online presence. The composition is meant to signify some kind of abstract hydra-esque monster curated with fashion photography to explore what is real and unreal in a world of easy retouching and handpicked curation.

Posted by:marinatrajkovich

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