*Note: This video was the first I did for a major project in my third year of uni and looking back I can see how I’ve improved A LOT. I’ve learned so much since then and there is a lot wrong with this video, but I’d still like to share it because the issues being dealt with are important and I still believe in the characters and what they have to say. My editing might be crap but I still have a lot of love for the story and the interviews I did- I still get nervous before interviews but looking back at this I can understand that what is now a professional respect for my talent and a desire to do a good job was once a total lack of confidence in what I was doing as I was starting out. Good to see how far I’ve come over the years even though my video skills still have a long way to go and thank god for university- I complained a lot but learned so so much.


Gender equity in film is being talked about a lot in the media with the success of Wonder Woman and other female directed flicks.

With women making up half of film schools why are the rates of female directors getting their films funded so dismal and how does a historically white-guy dominated industry change to give women more opportunity? The For Film’s Sake festival in Sydney seeks to empower female directors and celebrate their work while shedding light on rampant discrimination in the film industry.

Marina Trajkovich talks to Anna Serner, the woman responsible for Sweden becoming the first country in the world to achieve equity between men and women for directors in the film industry. She says that although she has been looked upon as a feminist superstar worldwide, there is still a long way to go to achieve true parity and that subconscious and often conscious bias is to blame.


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