My turban-wearing, German healer on not drinking, eating meat, doing drugs or having sex-

Me: “what do you drink for a treat?”

Him: “sometimes I have tonic water…” *Asks for rum in my guava juice and sheds a tear for all the people in the world whose ‘treat yo’ self drink’ is tonic water. I also love tonic water if there is also gin.

But eating in Ubud is far from tonic water and sad salads… in fact some of the raw vegan food here is to die for and it rejuvenated my already pretty healthy diet back home through inspiration alone. Smoothie bowls and wheat grass shots abound, if you are the yogic type you will never be short of juicy, fresh health foods to nourish your body and soul… if not enjoy yourself a Bintang and don’t worry about it.

See: Where to avoid *that* type of Australian in Bali, as told by an Australian who’s been to Bali.

A lot of the time I ate in theΒ  garden cafe of Yoga Barn as this was where I was doing my yoga classes and because I was obsessed, but it was also a great place to meet very cool people. See menu here.

Even travelling now when I overhear people talking about doing yoga at Yoga Barn I reflexively chime in because I absolutely loved that place.

Here are some of my pictures to inspire you, should you want to explore the amazing health food Ubud has to offer.













Raw vegan green curry


Dragon fruit, raw, vegan turkish delight cake.


Breakfast at yoga barn, with dragon fruit from the market.img_7270

Raw Japanese, soba noodle bowl with coconut water


wheatgrass shot mmmm (not really)


Acai bowl


Grilled vegetables with miso dressing



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One thought on “Vegan and health food in Ubud

  1. I like that… its funny and Yes they are good…. maybe less is more… or look at sizing I guess that will happen when u finish u will probs do this as well but u need to put line returns in your copy and bold up the *me* and *him* bits I had to read it a couple of times to get it xx


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